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SGLAX - Volunteers needed to set up for the Lumberjax Shootout

The Lumberjax Shootout will be held one week from today, on May 19th on the main Spring Grove school campus. Please check our website for more info.The club does all of the setup and breakdown for the tournament, so we need volunteers to assist us with tasks that are critical for holding the tournament. The Lumberjax Shootout is far and away the largest fundraiser for the club, which keeps our costs down, but it is a lot of work.  Please follow the link below to sign up to volunteer to help us prior to, during, and after the tournament:





Many hands make light work. Since the weather is going to be spotty all week, tasks like field lining need to be completed as soon as possible. We appreciate what the families of the club have done to make this a successful season. Let's cap it off with a fun and successful tournament.


by posted 05/12/2018
SGLAX - Lumberjax Shootout Tailgate Items Needed

The Lumberjax Shootout is fast approaching. May 19th will be here before we know it. To help keep the kids ready to play and the parents ready to cheer them on, we put together a tailgate during the tournament each year. Please follow the link below to sign up to bring items needed for the tailgate:




Since this is an all-volunteer effort, we need as much participation as possible. With 103 children participating in the club this year, each family only needs to make a modest contribution to the tailgate in order for us to gather all of the items on the list.



by posted 05/10/2018

Per the election held on June 14, 2017, the offices of Spring Grove Lacrosse Club are as follows:


President                    Kim Raub

Vice President            Allen Shipley

Treasurer                    Ed Ommert

Secretary                    Eric Toth

Athletic Director        Lynn Klinedinst

At Large                     Vince Lucas

YCLA Rep                 Melissa Speer


The duties of each officer are listed below:


1. President:  The President shall be the Executive Officer of the organization and have general supervision over the activities and operations of the organization, subject, however, to the control of the Executive Board and the membership.  He or she shall support the chairman of each standing committee and also appoint special committees, and is a member of all standing committees.  The President shall represent the organization before the public either personally or through the delegates and shall perform all functions usually attributed to this office.

2. Vice-President:  The Vice-President shall perform all duties of the President in case of his or her absence or disability.  He or she shall succeed the President in the event of the President's resignation and/or removal from office.

3. Secretary:  The Secretary shall maintain files on the participating children and shall assist the President with the correspondence of the organization.  The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings of the elected officers and the membership meeting and have said minutes typewritten and present at each meeting.  He or she shall be the custodian of all records that pertain to the functions of the organization.  In addition, he or she shall keep a book containing the Constitution and by-laws, and make them available for review upon request.  He or she shall also keep a record of the attendance of the membership meetings.

4. Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall hold the funds of the organization and disclose them upon approval of the membership during the fiscal year.  He or she shall keep an account of the receipts and disbursements, report these at each membership meeting, and prepare an annual financial statement for distribution to members at the final meeting of the year.  He or she shall present the books to a certified public accountant for auditing and tax preparation after March 15th.  He or she shall keep the president, elected officers, and the membership informed of the financial condition of the organization.  He or she shall perform duties connected with the organization's insurance program.  A certified public accountant shall handle account record keeping.

5. Athletic Director:  The Athletic Director will be responsible for working with all of the coaches to ensure that rules and the “Coaches’ Code of Conduct” (attached) are followed.  The Athletic Director serves as a liaison between parents and coaches when an impasse or unresolvable conflict occurs.

6. YCLA Representative:  The YCLA representative attends all YCLA meetings and represents the Spring Grove   Lacrosse Club and its interests.  The YCLA representative reports league information and changes back to the Executive Board. 


by posted 06/18/2017
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